Empower Your Oil and Gas Operators with Walk-Up SCADA in SCADX

Real-Time Data and Control at Their Fingertips

Oil and gas industry operators play a critical role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations at well sites. To effectively perform their duties, they need access to reliable, instantaneous information and the ability to make real-time process adjustments. That’s why Walk-Up SCADA (a key feature in Cybertech Industrial Software’s SCADX software) is transforming the way that operators manage well sites.

Traditional approaches to well site data acquisition involve RTUs connected to external HMI units via cabled connections or to cloud-based SCADA systems using cellular data. The external HMI units can be slow, difficult to read in direct sunlight and are exposed to security risks like unauthorized access. Cloud-based systems that consolidate SCADA data from site can often be subject to slow polling intervals. With Walk-Up SCADA, operators can now access critical data and make real-time process adjustments on a mobile tablet as soon as they arrive at a well site – thanks to geolocation capabilities along with fast and secure Wi-Fi connections to RTUs.

Using Wi-Fi, SCADX drastically improves data polling times to just a second, allowing operators to see the effects of their process adjustments almost instantly. This is a game-changer compared to some cloud-based systems (with far slower polling intervals), where operators have to wait up to 10 minutes to observe the impact of their changes on operations. The ability to make adjustments and get immediate feedback means improved production optimization and increased profitability.

Walk-Up SCADA provides operators with streamlined screens including “Pad Overview”, “Production Management”, and “Production Management Control” – giving them the relevant information they expect and the essential data they need to make informed decisions while optimizing well site operations.

Backed by 25 years of industry experience, SCADX is already known for its robust HMI and historian solutions. Its dedication to features and flexibility is evident through offerings such as unlimited historian tags, vector-based HMI graphics, nested templates, user-configurable trending and advanced alarming/reporting.

By empowering operators with real-time data and control, Walk-Up SCADA promotes efficiency and contributes to a better bottom line. Schedule a demo today and discover how this innovative technology can streamline well site management and your overall oil and gas operations.