With SCADX, we continue to build on 25 years of development and invest in a solution that provides a cost-effective HMI and historian alternative to our clients. We’re expanding into the mobile space and integrating it with opLYNX to bring robust SCADA features to our flagship field data acquisition and production reporting software.


The SCADX HMI package uses the latest technology in graphical design. Building on our 20+ years of graphic design experience with Cybertech Automation, you are getting the best in design technology, like vector based, scalable graphics.

Robust templating functionality allows you to scale out across hundreds or thousands of sites.

  • Vector based, scalable graphics
  • Template-able projects
  • Latest in graphics design technology
  • 20+ years of design practice in one tool


Trend data with one second resolution utilizing SCADX. With a SQL server backend, you can access all data with your other company tools for ease of analysis.

  • One second data resolution
  • Secure SQL server back-end for data analysis


Sick and tired of pricing based off of points historized? Our philosopy is to charge one price and allow you the ability to historize all data points, after all it is your data. Capable of processing millions of records a day. Easy pricing that is not on a per point basis.

  • Historize large amounts of data. One client historizes billions of records a year
  • Simple licencing, no price increase with increased historization

Edge Computing

The latest in SCADA design is edge computing. No longer does your data need to travel from hardware on site, up to a corporate cloud system, then back down to site. With SCADX you can have an edge computer on site that is capable of displaying one second data resolution directly from the field devices to ops. This proves invaluable information for troubleshooting, and it just makes sense.

  • The latest in SCADA technology, edge computing
  • Multi-device communication protocol so you can communicate directly with end-devices and access all data
  • Simple, easy to use computer located at site
  • One second data resolution, directly from the devices on site


SCADX comes with a host of pre-built reports so you can get up and running fast. Receive condition based reports to keep you in the loop with your field and device health. Full integration with Microsoft SSRS reporting should you want to design your own reports. Save time by not having to dig up data, simply email out reports that you want to see at pre-determined windows ie days, weeks, months, years etc.

  • Pre-built reports to save you time
  • Schedule condition based reports to keep you informed of field events
  • Full integration with Microsoft SSRS reporting tools


Ever scratched your head at the extensive cost of local HMI upgrades? Say goodbye to expensive HMI upgrades and replacements with the introduction of Walk-up SCADA within SCADX. With a small upgrade on site, we can enable your site-based RTUs to communicate directly with SCADX as well as automatically pull up graphics based on proximity to site.

  • Automatically show graphics for the site you are at. This cuts down substantially on navigation when you open up your tablet or computer at site and that graphic is automatically showing
  • Communicates directly with the local RTUs on site for read/write control.
  • Say goodbye to expensive HMI upgrades at site by going to a single tablet that automatically connects to all walk-up SCADA enabled sites as you drive-up.